Your Goals -- Making Them Happen

Your Goals -- Making Them Happen

What are your goals, and what is stopping you other than yourself?

Your ancestors fought against obstacles like Mongol hordes, Viking raiders, diseases that killed off 90% of the population, they survived massive floods and magnetic reversals that shifted the continents around.

Your ancestors won every time.

How do we know this? You’re here. If your ancestors didn’t win then their kids wouldn’t have had kids, so on and so on. You wouldn’t have even been born.

The obstacles in front of us today can be overcome, no matter how large and impossible they seem.

We are the children of the survivors, the ones who won against impossible challenge after impossible challenge.

We honor their memory and name when we face the future with an open embrace, with joy at a new challenge to overcome.

We dishonor their memory when we lie to ourselves, when we bury the part of our hearts that cry out for justice and sanity.

We dishonor their memory when we project these frustrations at others, when we contribute to the ever growing pile of filth.

High men and women, those who aspire to something greater, redirect and overcome these powerful emotions.

Written by Erik Schimek

Erik is an entrepreneur and self-improvement expert. You can learn more about Meliora Meditation at Infinite Chorus.

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