The Miasma of Psychotherapy

The Miasma of Psychotherapy

One of the most common ways that we are kept small, kept in our ego box, is through the conscious and unconscious acceptance of psychological maladies.

On an unconscious level we’re bombarded with psychology in our workplaces, in our entertainment, and in the lessons we’re taught about how to be a human being in the modern world.

If you seem a bit bummed out that living in a time where lies are celebrated and truth is punished, you should see a psychiatrist to talk about your bad attitude. You’re toxic, you’re broken.

If you get frustrated by living in a time when nearly every public figure of any prominence, be it in government or private industry or entertainment, has been boosted by an arm of the relevant hydra and is therefore owned by that hydra, then you need re-education.

The root of psychology is identifying brokenness inside of someone else, labeling it, and then prescribing remedies to fix the brokenness.

But is it you who are broken, or their models of human behavior?

Two of modern psychology’s founders, Freud and Jung, were sexual deviants and their early adherents were quite interested in the intersection between psychology and various forms of the occult:

Link leads to a journal article, the correlations between sub-personalities and the ego / super-ego were closely linked to concepts of spiritual separation and communing with inhuman entities.

These concepts have now become so common that we scarcely notice them:

‘I’m an Aries with a Scorpio moon so I …’

‘My identity is trans non-binary two spirit, so I …’

Psychology teaches that we’re all broken, in need of repair, and that they’re the only game in town to fix it.

If you don’t like what the first guy or gal says, find another one. There’s little consistency of diagnosis.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if psychiatry was relegated to private offices. However, these ideas have infected modern society and therefore it is difficult to get away from its influence.

How does one break away from this, from accepting its base concepts?

The place to start is to recognize that it’s ok to see the world as fundamentally broken and to feel ‘bad emotions’ . You’re not alone in seeing this or believing this or in feeling this way.

However, what do you do with these ‘bad emotions’? We will explore this idea in future blog posts.

Written by Erik Schimek

Erik is an entrepreneur and self-improvement expert. You can learn more about Meliora Meditation at Infinite Chorus.

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