Joy and Meaning

Joy and Meaning

A life of meaning, joy and purpose is yours to claim.

It requires actions of self-analysis, self-improvement, and evolved expressions of creative free will.

Meliora Meditation has been designed to speed up and improve this process, but the ignition spark has to come from you. 

Because you must be determined and strong to manifest your dreams in the modern world.

You will fail numerous times along the way, then you’ll have to pick yourself up and try again. 

You will be shat upon for daring to dream differently, to believe differently. 

Your dreams will be called too large, or too small, or both. Consistency is the hobgoblin of modern minds. 

But when you rise above the noise, none of it will matter.

Written by Erik Schimek

Erik is an entrepreneur and self-improvement expert. You can learn more about Meliora Meditation at Infinite Chorus.

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