Calendar of Events

Participate in a class or community event, with other IC members who are focused on improving themselves and the world around us. 


Upcoming Events

BBQ meetup for IC members in Austin, Texas (hosted by Erik) -- April 2022.

Brewpub meetup for IC members in Brussels, Belgium (hosted by Belinda) -- April 2022.

Meliora Meditation Class in Brussels, Belgium (hosted by Belinda) -- May 2022.

Meliora Meditation Class in Austin, Texas (hosted by Erik) -- May 2022.

Online Zoom call/meetup for community members worldwide (hosted by Erik) -- June 2022. 

Members of IC are invited to help us organize additional online and in-person community events.


Past Events

40+ community meetups and events in Austin, Texas. 

20+ Meliora Meditation classes throughout Mexico.

6 Meliora Meditation Classes in Austin, Texas.

3 Meliora Meditation Classes in Denver, Colorado.

1 Meliora Meditation Class in Brussels, Belgium.

1 Meliora Meditation Class in Bend, Oregon.