Why Reaching Beyond Yourself is So Essential

I genuinely believe that you are infinite. We all have an amazing potential for change within ourselves.

This isn't simply 'rah rah you can do it!' wishful thinking. The most effective way that we can create deliberate neuroplastic change is by reaching beyond ourselves. Setting ambitious goals for yourself and throwing yourself into them can be a very effective way to create change in your brain.

It's not enough to simply set an ambitious goal, it needs to be something that you can viscerally feel.

Don't set a goal of losing weight, that's simply a number. Set a goal of being able to outrace  your athletic friend, who keeps outpacing you every time you go out biking or sprinting. Imagine the look of bemusement, and then joy, on your friend's face when you start giving them a real challenge! Aren't you tired of being the person that your friend is always waiting on?

Don't set a goal of 'working on an app on the side'. Set a goal of never having to work for anyone else, ever again. Imagine the freedom of setting your own schedule, having time to spend with your kids, of being financially independent.

Chase after a goal that you feel emotional about. Chase after a goal that will transform your life.

It doesn't matter if you meet the goal or not. Life is seldom something that you can predict so easily! What you will discover is that the very act of chasing after an emotionally resonant, powerful goal will begin to alter the way you view your own capacity for change.

It's very easy to get stuck in the same way of thinking, looping back to the same neural pathway over and over again. That's why you need to break that pattern, and replace it with a more ambitious way of thinking that is outside your comfort zone.

You are infinite because you have an amazing capacity for change. But you're not going to get there by taking baby steps.

Pick an ambitious target. Be brave. Go out and create an amazing change in your life!

Originally written on 2013-12-08