The Sunset of Mythic Story and Meaning

When we read ancient stories and tales, we're seeing the lived experience of these stories through our modern paradigm filters.

The Mythic Dreamstate

Cultural Gene Banks

The Sunset of Mythic Thought and Meaning

Mythic Meaning and the State

The Death of Mythic Meaning

The Golden Age of Pre-Socratic Myth

The Unbalanced Platonic Worldview

Social Gene Banks

The Sleep of Reason Has Created Monsters

Nietzsche's Search for Mythic Meaning

The Extended Phenotype of Myth

Further Exploration of Ideas

Fragments of Pre-History

Coda: Fragments of a Technicolor, Experiential, Animistic, Phenomenologistic, Anarchistic Dreamworld

Appendix A: Neitzsche's Reputation and Intellectual Legacy